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Mystery #4: True Conservatism is NOT Individualistic

Bitchute 27 May 2021
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People in collectivist cultures more likely to wear masks than those in individualistic cultures

The Economic Times 21 May 2021
According to a new research, people who live in collectivistic cultures are more likely to wear masks during the pandemic as compared to those in individualistic cultures ... .

People in collectivist cultures more likely to wear masks than those in individualistic cultures: Research

Yahoo Daily News 20 May 2021
People in more collectivist cultures were more likely to wear masks than people in relatively individualistic cultures, new research has found ... individualistic cultures to wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the role of culture in people's response to crises.

LI Dancers Find More Individualistic Approaches; Broaden Their Dance Appreciation During A Pandemic

Caledonian Record 17 May 2021
LYNDON CENTER — “It was clear when the pandemic really took hold in our country last spring that I needed to embed new pedagogical approaches in movement and non-movement learning tasks in my dance curriculum,” explains Rebecca McGregor, Lyndon Institute’s dance teacher of 18 years ... The dances will be housed on the dance pages for Lyndon Institute.

Collectivist Asia fares better than individualist West during pandemic

China Daily 04 May 2021
A curious pattern emerges when viewing the worldwide number of COVID-19 cases and deaths by country. At the top of the list of most deaths and new cases are various countries around the world with no obvious pattern appearing based on geography ... Those countries include China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam ... .


Bitchute 14 Apr 2021
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Cristiano Ronaldo slammed as "individualist" in damning view of Juventus star

The Mirror 14 Apr 2021
Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been slammed by former Juve star Massimo Mauro as an "individualist" who cares more about his personal achievements than those of his team ... .

Parental burnout hits individualist Western countries hardest

Science Daily 18 Mar 2021
It's a first ... The cause? The often individualistic culture of Western countries.

The Price Of Self-Interest: Individualistic Countries Report Higher Rates Of COVID

The Tennessee Tribune 05 Mar 2021
The more individualistic a country, the more COVID-19 cases and deaths it had. Citizens in more individualistic societies were also less likely to adhere to epidemic prevention measures ... However, they found the pandemic’s impact has been greater “in individualistic societies where people care less for the greater good.”.

Are individualistic societies worse at responding to pandemics?

Beijing News 13 Oct 2020
how individualist or collectivist a society is, how indulgent it is, what its attitudes towards power and change are, how it deals with uncertainty, and how masculine or feminine its values are ... However, on Hofstede's scale, present-day Germany and Italy are both individualist societies, even if the UK and US top the scale.